No! We are NOT Closing!! But, yes, we are For Sale.

A couple of times a week someone tells me we are closing or that we have sold. Rumors are amazing.

We are still going strong and will stay open till I hand over the keys to a new proprietor.  I may be tired, but I'm not tired enough to walkout on everything I have accomplished! It is still an adventure and kind of a daily party. Yes, I often get woken up at three am with the thought--Is the refrigerator still running?

Nurturing people inside and out is deeply satisfying. Setting the place for other's to create, write, negotiate, study, learn, plot and plan is rewarding. I've observed First Dates, Blind Dates, computer-generated Dates, and Wedding Planning. Campaigns for US Senate, Congress, and Free Cycles have been run upstairs in the Loft. Krakauer wrote part of his book here. It needed to be written, but what a lousy title. 

My all time favorite day was a Friday in the Fall of our second year, when the University was still robust and hopeful and one third larger. The Buttercup was packed, but it was so diverse! In front, the Dance Department was celebrating a Birthday. Next to the them, were a group of Law Professors. In the back, a table of Mathematicians sat near the Foresters. The Climate Scientists had taken over half the Bookstore, EVST the other half. Then there were delightful mix-ups such as Music, History and Law at one table. As we delivered food and cleared tables, we caught snippets of conversation, all heady stuff and so exciting! 

As the University declined, so did morale. But an extraordinary switch happened after the new UM President was named. Moods have lifted, hopefulness is present. How can I tell? Tips. Hopeful people tip more. A new era has begun...