Yes, The Buttercup is for sale.

Why? I'm exhausted! and old!! And I want most of all to sell to Ian Finch, the chef at the Buttercup. He is brilliant, talented, young and full of energy and ideas. He'll pick up where I leave off and then add to it in ways that will make it even better. 

My mother used to tell me it is important to leave the party while you are still having a good time. I am, but I know it is time to let go.

I started the Buttercup because I had watched a series of business flounder after Freddy's Feed and Read closed in 1998. We bought our house just 3 blocks away in part because we loved Freddy's so much. I never set out to duplicate Freddy's. After all, the bathroom located in the basement was right out of Silence of the Lambs. But I did want to make it community-centric, a town and gown place to gather and eat great food from the best of local ingredients I could buy, barter, or grow. No Greenwashing! No commodity foods!! No Corn Syrup and vegetables grown in the other hemisphere.

It took 11 months to open, and our 6th birthday will be March 8. In the 7 years I've been at it, we changed the zoning to allow a cook-to-order menu, and watched the enrollment at the University of Montana plummet.  Through it all the Buttercup exceeded my expectations; not necessarily financially, but by bringing diverse groups, diverse ages together to be nourished by Ian's good food and the sense of community we tried always to nurture at the Buttercup.   

So now I want to let Ian or someone else have a turn. He needs investors, angel or otherwise. Interested?