Our Sign Was Stolen!!!

Oh! *#?% Makes me so Angry!

Last Thursday night. Was it a prank? Someone wanting vengeance or a memento?

We had rented a UHaul for a Big catering gig downtown and also out of town. ( 140 League of Conservation Voters). I know the rumors are flying once again that I have sold the business. Sighting a UHaul in front of a business can drive people to make that false conclusion. But I haven't and I want my sign back. Any leads will be handsomly rewarded.


No! We are NOT Closing!! But, yes, we are For Sale.

A couple of times a week someone tells me we are closing or that we have sold. Rumors are amazing.

We are still going strong and will stay open till I hand over the keys to a new proprietor.  I may be tired, but I'm not tired enough to walkout on everything I have accomplished! It is still an adventure and kind of a daily party. Yes, I often get woken up at three am with the thought--Is the refrigerator still running?

Nurturing people inside and out is deeply satisfying. Setting the place for other's to create, write, negotiate, study, learn, plot and plan is rewarding. I've observed First Dates, Blind Dates, computer-generated Dates, and Wedding Planning. Campaigns for US Senate, Congress, and Free Cycles have been run upstairs in the Loft. Krakauer wrote part of his book here. It needed to be written, but what a lousy title. 

My all time favorite day was a Friday in the Fall of our second year, when the University was still robust and hopeful and one third larger. The Buttercup was packed, but it was so diverse! In front, the Dance Department was celebrating a Birthday. Next to the them, were a group of Law Professors. In the back, a table of Mathematicians sat near the Foresters. The Climate Scientists had taken over half the Bookstore, EVST the other half. Then there were delightful mix-ups such as Music, History and Law at one table. As we delivered food and cleared tables, we caught snippets of conversation, all heady stuff and so exciting! 

As the University declined, so did morale. But an extraordinary switch happened after the new UM President was named. Moods have lifted, hopefulness is present. How can I tell? Tips. Hopeful people tip more. A new era has begun...

Comment on the City's Zero Waste Plan

There is still time! Go to ci.missouls.mt.us and fill out the survey and give the City your ideas and encouragement about how to get to Zero Waste NOW!

When I started the Buttercup I set a personal goal to reduce, reuse, compost, and incentivize customers to bring in their own containers and cups for takeout. Our dumpster used to be four times bigger and emptied twice a week. Now our recycling bin is that size and our garbage bin shrank to the size of a large trash can that is picked up just once a week. 

Compost has been a challenge. Different groups and individuals have picked it up once a week or every two weeks, but our most recent vender lost his lease and had to quit. It's good stuff! Mostly organic kitchen scraps, great for backyard chickens, and separated coffee grounds which make a nice top dressing in the garden and around shrubs. Call us if you want to reserve a bucket. 

Long term, we want a reliable Zero Waste solution especially for takeout containers which could easily be digested in the City's new digester they bought when they purchased Eko Compost. They need to hear from you NOW to make it a priority. 

Growing up on the edge of Buttercup's Dairy Farm, I learned to a lot about recycling, composting, waste. We had no garbage service. A lot of stuff was taken apart and saved for spare parts, compost was fed to a tenant farmer's pigs, and the rest would go to the dump. I loved going there with my Dad because there was this whole other world full of treasure and the Garbage Pickers, a group of mostly women who scavenged for things that could be fixed up and reused, scrap metal, or fuel. But too much garbage ended up there like disposable diapers and plastics that let off dangerous gases. The Pickers disappeared and everything went into the landfill. Truly what a waste.

Support the City's commitment and comment in favor of expanding the use of the Eko digester to include food waste and compostable takeout materials. 

One more thing, in your comments can you ask for the name to be changed: Eco instead of Eko? Please?? And Thank You !!!